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Dr. Kailas Dakhore

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Ph.D. (Agril. Meteorology) & Post Doc from Netherlands

During the Ph.D programme worked as a Junior Research Fellow under the project “Economic Impact Analysis using Agro-Advisory Services” in this project we were disseminated the biweekly agro-advisory services to the farmers. It was very good response from the farmers of middle agro-climatic zone of Gujarat, where they were cultivating the tobacco, potato crops. On the basis of forecast received from National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) we were prepared the advisory in respect with cultivated crops for next five days in benefit of farmers. Having the advanced information of weather in hand we were used DSSAT model for the crop situation according to weather parameters and we disseminated it to farmers so they can perform the operations according to the weather condition. I was worked under this project for one year period during this period interaction with farmers related to their field problems & there solutions with respect to weather situation.
After completion of above project joined as a senior research fellow under the project “Air Pollution & its effect on agriculture”. Under this assignment we had examined the effect of the different pollutant on the agricultural crops. For this purpose we had selected two different sites for study area, one study area was near the industrial zone and another one at agricultural university. We study the effect of different gases on agricultural crops. Under this project we took the observations using sun photometer, ozonometer, gas analyzer etc.
Subsequently joined the Integrated Agro-Advisory services for district wise agro-advisory for short term period as the university needed to continue the project for the benefit of the farmer community.
From 12 December, 2008 to 15 April, 2011 worked under “Centre for Weather Forecasting and Climate change”. The mission was focused on weather forecasting as well as climate change study with respect to agriculture. We have very a good quality historical data bank on that basis we were able to established the different seasonal trends of maximum, minimum temperature as well as rainfall over semi-arid ecosystem. Another finding was to find out the effect of rise of CO2 level on cereals, pulses crop for this purpose the crop simulation models was used. With the help of INFOCROP, DSSAT models to find out the change in temperature, CO2 level will affect the final yield of the crop.
From 15 April, 2011 to 06-03-2013, joined in same university to work on horticultural as well as vegetable crops with respect to climate change; here we have a team to extend the new improved verities of vegetable as well as horticultural crops with respect to climate change study.
From 06-3-2013 to 28-07-2016, worked as an Assistant professor in the College of Agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Maktampur, Bharuch Here nature of work was teaching to Undergraduate, Postgraduate as well as Polytechnic students and also recognized for teaching & guiding the post graduate students.
Now joined Assistant Professor under the Director of Research, VNMKV, Parbhani (MS) from 29-07-2018 to till date. Here I have research projects sanctioned from ICAR, Ministry of Earth Science and Maharashtra State Government funded projects viz. AICRP on Agrometeorology (AICRPAM), AICRPAM-NICRA, Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS), Forecasting Agricultural Output Using Space Agro Meteorology and Land Based Observations (FASAL) and Crop Weather Observation Scheme etc.
The two more new research projects are sanctioned at our centre one is from space application center , ISRO, Ahmedabad “Forecasting sugarcane production at mill command area in Maharashtra using satellite remote sensing and ground base Observation. Another one is sanctioned from ICRISAT, Hyderabad Annovation & contextual AAS for climate smart agriculture under mm-ii, AICRP on agrometeorology, under Monsoon Mission II

• Received Dr. P. D. MISTRY Gold medal Award for Best Ph.D thesis by Association of Agrometeorologist for the year 2007-08
• Awarded “Best Paper – Oral Presentation” at Nagpur, ISRS Annual Convention and National Symposium on “Advances in Geo-spatial Technologies with Special Emphasis on Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture at Nagpur, September 17 - 19, 2009.
• Received Bhart Jyoti Award by Indian International Friendship Society, New Delhi for the year 2014.
• Received The Best Citizen of India Award by Best Citizen Publishing House, New Delhi for the year 2014.
. Received DR. S. VENKATARAMAN YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD by Association of Agrometeorologist for the year 2018
Received Best AMFU AWARD from Government of India, Department, Ministry of Earth Sciences, India Meteorological for the year 2018

1. Development of Website/individual web page /Apps in CDKS/SSPN/SPM/FPA in Coordination with Core team members.
2. Preparation of digital information for CDKS/SSPN/SPM/FPA as a computational technical support.
3. Preparation of web portal list of PG/PhD students interested in NAHEP-VNMKV centre at University level.
4. Development of web portal link and support to CDKS/SSPN/SPM/FPA portfolios for updating information.
5. Participatory program preparation of PG/PhD. students as per NAHEP-VNMKV output in training Workshops and Competitions at National and International level from university campus.
6. Formats of documentation and information record for offset printing work.
7. Establishment of Laboratory concerned activities and responsibilities of sub team participants.
8. Strategic plan and communication for students and faculty participation at National and -International institutions and universities.
9. Preparation and confirmation of MoU Draft for Industry and Institute partnership or mutual exchange at National and International level.
10. Planning and organization of workshop/Conference/Training at National and International level.
11. Decision of Project work and preparation of List for students participating in NAHEP program.
12. Information required to PME, ESS, and procurement etc. officers reporting to NAHEP-ICAR office New Delhi should submit within assigned time and as per scheduled program.
13. All administrative sanctions and bills of records for their concerned portfolios will be prepared by Co-PI in coordination with core team

1. Establishment of laboratories training hall, training material, manuals.
2. Preparation and Publication of digital tutorials, books, articles and leaflet and extension material for NAHEP-VNMKV Centre.
3. NAHEP faculty capacity building program through national and international training for computing &IT.
4. PG & PhD students in campus and off campus training program.
5. Organization of Conferences, Workshop and Training Programs for SPM -Faculty.
6. Course modules under Agribots, Agri-Drones and AgriAGVs division for certificate courses.
7. Conduction of Certificate courses activities such as academic and research during courses completion for students.
8. Preparation of results for certificate courses.
9. Events of Competitions and Awards for students.
10. Events as per suggestions of core team members and unorganised events from time to time.